Dr. Chris LeBlanc

Dr. Chris

“My journey into medicine began at the age of 19. The spark of my family’s experience drove my interest in primary care. I wanted to be at the frontline of care, and be able to develop relationships with my patients and their families that would aid in my ability to truly make a difference in their lives, as a private Doctor in Bluffton.

We have moved away from the industrialized approach of most conventional healthcare. Too many patients have become accustomed to this impersonal approach and it’s not the best way to care for their health.

By developing the Vital Personalized Healthcare approach, we provide a much more patient-centric style of care. I feel like I have returned to the source of what drove me towards primary care medicine. Together, we work to promote their wellness, as well as diagnose and treat their medical conditions.”


1. Of or relating to life: vital processes.

2. Having remarkable energy, liveliness, or force of personality: a vital leader.

3. Being the seat or source of life.

4. Necessary to life.

5. Necessary to existence, continuance, or well-being; indispensable; essential.

6. Affecting the existence, well-being, truth, etc., of something.

7. Of critical importance: vital decisions.

“The Vital Personalized Healthcare approach allows me the time to forge important relationships with my patients and stand with them at the frontline of their care.”
-Dr. Chris LeBlanc