Age Spot Removal

Age spots, brown spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation start appearing more frequently as we get older. These signs are primarily caused by the natural aging process and frequent sun exposure. While proper age management in the form of applying sunscreen and using skin care products can slow this process, sometimes we may need a bit of extra help. Here in Bluffton, we shy away from injectables and fillers in favor of non-invasive and safe laser systems. If you’re looking for aesthetic help, we welcome you to get in touch and give our age spot removal options a try.


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How Do Age Spots Develop?

Age spots develop because of overactive cells in our skin. The appearance of these spots, as well as melasma and sun damage on your face, is due to melanin clumping and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. The good news is that these spots can be removed and no, the process doesn’t involve surgery or bed rest. Here at our Bluffton office, Dr. Chris can offer you not only the treatment you want but the support and attention you deserve.

Why Choose Vital Personalized Healthcare?

Here at Vital Personalized Healthcare, we hold an impressive track record of helping our patients stay happy and healthy. Our office has been voted “Best of Bluffton” for three years running. This title speaks to the personal and effective approach we employ when providing age spot removal and other services. If you want to live healthily and feel great about the way you look, we’re here to provide you with the ongoing care and support you need.

What Are Your Age Spot Removal Options?

At Vital Personalized Healthcare, we provide non-invasive laser and radiofrequency options to provide you with the age spot removal services you want. Here in Bluffton, we believe in natural living and will never inject you with formulas or deliver aesthetic treatments that we don’t fully believe in. Our systems are thoroughly researched to offer the best and safest results for your skin. We offer:

FREE Consultations for Age Spot Removal in Bluffton, SC

Are you ready to experience the best that Bluffton has to offer? Here at Vital Personalized Healthcare, Dr. Chris can provide you with amazing, non-invasive laser treatment options to help you remove age spots for good. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch for a FREE 30-minute consultation today. Give us a call at (843) 815-5566 or request an appointment by filling out the form below.