Lesion Removal

The appearance of lesions on the skin and the danger they pose need to be evaluated by a doctor who knows what they’re doing. Here at our Bluffton office, Dr. Chris LeBlanc has had an excellent track record of providing for the needs of our community. As a specialist in both concierge medicine and aesthetics, he can determine the nature of your skin growths and provide effective lesion removal services using our ICON™ laser system. We invite you to put your trust in the hands of a true professional and discover the peace of mind that comes with a personalized healthcare approach.


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Why Do We Develop Lesions?

Pigmented lesions tend to show up at birth or develop slowly through ongoing exposure to the sun. The unfortunate news is that even if you do your best to avoid sun damage, you might still develop lesions through the natural aging process. In some cases, people may develop growths on the skin when they take certain medications, such as birth control pills or hormone supplements. Whether you were born with a pigmented lesion or developed one, we can provide you with the cosmetic relief and medical evaluation you deserve.

How Can Vital Personalized Healthcare Help?

Dr. Chris LeBlanc practices a personalized treatment approach. This means that your needs are listened to, cared for, and addressed on your terms. We make it a priority to know each and every one of our patients to ensure that we meet their needs in the best way possible. Moreover, we strive to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Stop by, get to know us, and enjoy a doctor’s visit that feels more like a meeting between friends.

What Are Your Lesion Removal Options?

When it comes to removing lesions, we rely on our ICON MaxYS™ system. This attachment is designed primarily for those age spots, lesions, and growths that seem to crop up out of nowhere. The ICON™ tackles these concerns using bursts of laser energy, effectively smoothing and rejuvenating your skin without the need for scalpels or downtime. These treatments can be done in our office and generally take less than 30 minutes to perform.

FREE Consultations for Lesion Removal in Bluffton, SC

Effective lesion removal doesn’t have to involve a long and exhausting operation. At Vital Personalized Healthcare, we provide effective laser treatments in the comfort of our easy-going Bluffton office. Interested in giving us a try? Get in touch for a FREE 30-minute consultation today. You can reach us by calling (843) 815-5566 or requesting an appointment using the form below.