Stubborn Fat Removal

Having excess weight can not only have an impact on your appearance, but it can also negatively affect your health as well. Obesity has been linked to heart disease, hypertension, and a host of other health complications. If you are overweight, we encourage you to explore exercise and dietary options to regain your control. If you’re interested in stubborn fat removal, our FlexSure™ body contouring system can give you excellent results without surgery or extensive downtime. Stop by and experience the best that Bluffton has to offer at Vital Personalized Healthcare.


Woman measuring her waistline to check for stubborn fat loss

Why Does Stubborn Fat Cling to Us?

The appearance of belly fat, love handles, and overall fat is often due to a lack of exercise and improper nutrition. Unfortunately, some of us who do adhere to strict dietary regimens can also retain stubborn fat. Of the many factors that contribute to those love handles, age and genetics are the least controllable. They can cause that stubborn fat to cling to our bodies despite our best efforts. If you feel that this is the case for you, our stubborn fat removal system may be an excellent option.

How Can Vital Personalized Healthcare Help?

Dr. Chris LeBlanc makes a conscious effort to meet each and every patient on their terms. When you arrive at our Bluffton office, you’ll be surprised to discover a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. During your visit, we will get to know both your medical history and your overall goals. From there, we will tailor our treatments to help guide you where you want to go. Vital Personalized Healthcare has been voted “Best of Bluffton” three years in a row.

What Are Your Stubborn Fat Removal Options?

Our FlexSure™ RF stubborn fat removal device was designed to address fat in several areas around your body. These areas include the back, the abdomen, flanks, and more. While not meant as a substitute for traditional weight loss, this device can act as a great supplement for addressing specific stubborn fat areas. Along with decreasing your fat, FlexSure™ can also help ease muscle pain and improve blood circulation. This device is wrappable and doesn’t involve any invasive procedures or post-treatment downtime.

FREE Consultations for Stubborn Fat Removal in Bluffton, SC

Ditch that stubborn fat and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle with a bit of help from Dr. LeBlanc. At Vital Personalized Healthcare, we offer the amazing FlexSure™ system to help you trim that baby fat without surgery or downtime. If you’re interested in giving it a try, get in touch for a FREE 30-minute consultation today. You can reach us by calling (843) 815-5566 or requesting an appointment using the form below.